Accessible city

Girona continuously strives to be an inclusive city that can be enjoyed by everyone, residents and visitors alike, regardless of their physical condition. It is a compact city where everything is within easy reach and transport is available to take you to any point of the city.

Since Girona’s first Accessibility Plan was approved, work has been carried out to improve accessibility in the city’s public spaces. This has involved different aspects such as widening pavements, adding curb ramps and acoustic signalling for pedestrians, designing and installing street furniture, etc.

In general, accessibility in most of the city’s tourist areas is good, except for part of the Historic Quarter and particularly the Old Jewish Quarter, which has steep slopes, cobbled streets and several sections with stairs. The most commercial sectors, such as Mercadal and Eixample, offer good accessibility, with wide pavements and dropped curbs for pedestrians. Most of the city’s streets have a slope of less than 6%.

The company Bosch Ortopèdics provides a scooter rental service for visiting the city (by day, week or longer periods). Scooters can be delivered and picked up from the users’ chosen location.

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