Incentive activities

Night visit to the Cathedral

The Girona Cathedral is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city. Its long history has endowed a valuable cultural heritage. This visit is conducted outside the regular schedule; you can enjoy the architecture of the Gothic nave wider world, the Romanesque cloister of s. XII, irregular floor and a lot of storied capitals and friezes. Finally, you will visit the collection of works of the Treasure Museum, notably the Creation Tapestry, one of the most important textile European heritages. The tour concludes in an area not open to cultural visits, such as the basement of the Cathedral.

Dramatised walking tour to Old Quarter

Girona Scenic Experience is a new way of getting to know the city of Girona through one of its main cultural activities: scenic arts. Theatre workshops, traditional cuisine, a dramatised walking tour of the Old Quarter and a micro-theatre performance. A perfect combination to delve into Girona's rich cultural heritage. Raise the city's curtain and live a fun, creative and participative experience.

Show cooking

The "Show Cooking" activity allows participants to get involved with the cuisine of Girona, from the traditional "bread with tomato" the most sophisticated dish of Michelin star restaurants. The activity begins with a training that explains how a chef prepares meals with local products. After that, all participants will prepare a traditional Catalan meal with the help of a professional chef and all its equipment. Finally, everyone will taste and enjoy the superb cuisine of the territory cooked. The secret of this activity is to share the love and passion for cooking, taking care of quality and proximity products. Behind every ingredient there is an interesting story. Greetings & Bon profit!

Wine creation

This is an original activity, which consists in being a winemaker during a day in order to live the experience of creating wine with your team mates. First of all, teams will participate in a guided wine tasting of one-grape wines (monovariety) in order to be able to recognize all desired details. Secondly, each team will start testing coupages (one-grape wines mixing) to fit their proposal to the goal we suggest (i.e.: dept. wine, next year sales wine, etc…). Once they find their best combination, they will have to start filling bottles (one per each team member) and designing the naming & the brand label. Optionally a blind tasting of all creations take place, so at the end, could be a winner team (the one who creates the better wine and the better brand to the purpose).

Girona iPad quest

Discover the city and its history by playing with an iPad. The action consists on discovering as many hidden spots of the city (old quarter) as possible, and once in the place, get points the overcoming different exercises. You will be able to navigate through the streets with the map application. Once you are 20 meters closed to the spot, the app unlocks the challenge to be solved: a question, a photo, a video or an easy physical exercise. The questions can be adapted to the meeting goals or the corporate information, so, at the same time they are playing, the key messages of the convention are present in the game.

Hot air balloon ride

Take a hot air balloon ride through the Girona sky. Discover the region from a height! We organize balloon ride experiences for groups between 6 and 50 passengers, adapting the program to your specific needs. The balloon ride experience is an activity into the nature with mix emotion, excitement, relax… it can be the best break for your work meeting , the best ending celebration or the best incentive for your team.

Human castles

Human Castles are very popular in Catalonia. Doing this activity you are going to live an unforgettable experience. We explain the tasks and roles, abilities, structures as well as the necessary techniques and know-how to build up human castles. We select and train the team leader to enable him/her to choose the right people for each task. We provide you the training so that you can organise a dense base on your own. This will help you at the time of building a solid and stable human tower. Communication and concentration will become the key to succeed. Learning how to climb, to descend and to hold up the "trunk" of the tower are some of the abilities that some of you will be successful at. Finally, we succeed in crowning the castle. Initiative and confidence will be required; this is the time of the team's full achievement.

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