The Palace of Congress hosted the educational project #avuixdemà

The event presented the 24 challenges the FEDAC schools face in the 21st century education.

FEBRUARY 20, 2017

On February 17, the presentation of the educational project #avuixdemà, organized by the Foundation FEDAC (Federación Educativa Dominicas Anunciata Pare Coll), was held at the Congress Centre of Girona, presenting the 24 challenges FEDAC schools face in the 21st century education.

The foundation, which groups a total of 24 schools, collected these 24 challenges arising from the schools ideas and divided them into four large categories: character, community, education and environment. These compilations of data were given to all participants of the congress. The event of Girona is the third event out of six . The remaining three will be held soon, one in Manresa, another in Lleida and finally the last one will take place in Barcelona.

The mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenas, emphasizes on the importance welcoming such act in Girona: "a call for general participation, for the preparation of a better quality educational in accordance with current needs, and the desire to offer an innovator concept of education ".

The event began with the presentation of the "Be radical # avuixdemà" project by the FEDAC educators team, followed by the debate "Educamos # avuixdemà" with interventions by professionals such as Roser Batlle, a pedagogue and social entrepreneur specializing in learning- service; Joan Manuel del Pozo, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Girona; Marc Sanz, head of Google for Education in Southern Europe and German speaking countries; Rosa María Barón, pedagogical director and head of studies at ESO FEDAC-Castellar, and Julio Andrés, psychologist and psychopedagogist, head of the educational area of the Christian School of Catalonia Foundation, among others.

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